Born and raised in Ohio by a single mom. Alasia has always been sheltered. Never really being close to anyone besides members of her own family, she spent a lot of time subconsciously studying their behavior and drawing portraits with whatever was available in the small two-bedroom apartment they all lived in. One bedroom belonged to her mother and the other was shared by her and her younger sister. The two of them were often mistaken for twins and yet, they were actually opposites of each other. Alasia’s side of the bedroom was organized and pink and her sibling’s side of the bedroom was purple, but you couldn’t tell because her belongings were arranged to resemble an ocean of junk that flooded the floor all the way up to the edge of the only door available to exit the room. Alasia remembers the mess almost pooling itself out from under her younger sister’s bed like throw-up as she carefully placed her feet, toes first, into carpet spots that were molded purposefully for an attempted escape to the bathroom in the dark. It might’ve been a little easier for Alasia to make the trip in the dark if she didn’t hide and blind her vision under a blue blanket with monkeys printed on it, but how else is she supposed to protect herself from the monsters lurking in the hallway ahead of her? 
As a young adult, Alasia was accustomed to drawing and painting but slowly made a shift into digital mediums as she met friends that taught her more conventional ways to produce her art without spending money on canvas, notebook paper, and paints. Alasia found joy in being isolated with her computer and with that her skill of interest grew stronger as it was less of a hobby and more of a passion for telling a story. To be an animator means to be an actress and a visualizer. When executing a scene, Alasia aims to make a feeling resonate with the audience. Alasia feels fulfilled when she struggles to accomplish an end goal and she finds enjoyment in discovering creative loopholes to communicate a point through character acting. With such an upbeat and cute stylistic theme for acting, Alasia takes opportunities whenever necessary to polish and push personality into the characters she plays.  

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